Outdoor Study Session 

Being a full time college student and employee requires one to be on top of their goals and priorities. If I’m not working I’m studying, and if I’m not studying I’m working… or sleeping. 

We’re having wonderful weather here in Virginia and I thought it’d be perfect to study outside. So I’ve got all my stuff out on the deck and am semi-tanning. My dog has a baby pool that I fill up for her to enjoy and as expected, she is enjoying is very much so. 

The worst part about studying outdoors is the wind and the inability for a computer screen to adapt to the sunlight. When I was a child I had a game boy that had a switch that turned off the lighting on the screen and allowed the sun to brighten it. I don’t have any technical terms for that, but I hope you get it. 

All I’m missing is some ice cream. 

Enjoy your day!! 


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