Fruit salad… yummy yummy

So today I was able to wrap up the wrest of my school work for this week and I aced an exam that would determine whether I passed or failed the class! So I’m pretty proud of myself, especially because I did poorly on the other exams so far this semester. I’m hoping this A will be a step in the right direction for me.

The weather is officially cold again. I got my dog all excited for a run and I think we may have been outside for 5 minutes when my nose froze and my face began to ache. So we turned around and went home. I didn’t realize it was only 40 degress. BrrrršŸ˜–

But to contrast the cold weather, we whipped up some summery fruit salad for dessert this evening. I think I’m allergic to pineapple, but I had some anyways. It is what it is. 

Goodnight everyone.

Outdoor Study SessionĀ 

Being a full time college student and employee requires one to be on top of their goals and priorities. If I’m not working I’m studying, and if I’m not studying I’m working… or sleeping. 

We’re having wonderful weather here in Virginia and I thought it’d be perfect to study outside. So I’ve got all my stuff out on the deck and am semi-tanning. My dog has a baby pool that I fill up for her to enjoy and as expected, she is enjoying is very much so. 

The worst part about studying outdoors is the wind and the inability for a computer screen to adapt to the sunlight. When I was a child I had a game boy that had a switch that turned off the lighting on the screen and allowed the sun to brighten it. I don’t have any technical terms for that, but I hope you get it. 

All I’m missing is some ice cream. 

Enjoy your day!! 

Insomnia of the Mind

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping? Ughh, its the worst. I spent most of my day tired and then am wide awake the second I climb into bed. I feel like I could run a marathon at this very moment. I think I’ve gotten into the habit of using my laptop and phone and watching TV while in bed, so my body thinks it needs to stay awake to pursue these activities. It doesn’t help that allow this to go on.

But I think being alone in my room once every else is asleep is the most relaxing time of the day. I am free of judgement, conversation, errands; I don’t have to find things to do. Sitting in my bed relaxing can’t be defined as lazy when it’s midnight and there’s no one to define it.

I guess I’m a bit of a night owl.