New friend…?

Okay so, I’ve been living in Virginia for 10 months now. I have yet to make a single friend. Not one. I don’t talk to anyone. 

I like to keep to myself and that really prevents me from being able to open up to people enough to be friends. I have friends back home that I’m close to and they make me happen so I haven’t felt the need to expand. But yesterday I made a friend.

Dory and I were at the lake when a boy came near us and asked if we minded him fishing there. I didn’t really plan on talking to him but dory wandered over to him and I was having a good day so I say ‘hey why not’. 

I mustered up the courage to chat with him and he showed me how to use the fishing pole(cast a line?). And then I asked him for his number so that if he planned on fishing again I could bring Dory down to swim and chat with him.

So he texted me not even an hour later and we talked for a few hours. He was obviously flirting with me but then told me he has a girlfriend. Like what? So I kind of freaked out a little. 

Then the conversation took a turn I did not see coming. Him and his girlfriend were trying to recruit me for a threesome! Mind. Blown.

This was a first for me. I never in my life imagined I’d have this happen to me. So much for making friends…

I’ve got one month left in Virginia. Wish my luck.