Unhappiness and the Self-Esteem Crusher 

I’ve been feeling unhappy in my life lately. It’s not that my life is bad. I’m sure many people would look at my life and think it’s all sunshine and rainbows, and at times it is. But 75% of the time I feel this unhappiness in my soul. 

My mom keeps telling me “make a change”. But there’s really no where a change can be made. I could quit my job and move back home with my family, but I left there for a reason, so I doubt going back is the answer to my unhappiness. 

I’d really like to get my own place and the freedom that comes with it. My aunts controlling attitude is so overbearing. Nothing I do is ever good enough for her. For example, she told me today, “you can’t afford a new laptop” when I asked her for recommendations on one. The funny part is, I most definitely can afford a new laptop. I could afford an apartment if I could find one. 

Being put down by her constantly is really crushing my self-esteem. 

Send good vibes please…